Tyris Jones, simply known as Jones, is the new advocate for Hip Hop. Selfproclaimed as The Face of a Redephined Generation, is known for his
conscientious and thought provoking lyrics. His music expands on the
balancing act of issues facing African American males in today’s society
addressing community, credentials, and career. Jones creates a collection of songs demonstrating the evolution of a man, “ I’ve had time to digest 24 years of living and to perfect my message.” Continuously studying Hip Hop’s most influential’s from A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Diddy, Jay Z, J. Cole and Kanye West, Jones illustrates agility as a lyricist.

Jones is quickly moving up the ranks in the Houston scene with performances ranging from cafes, churches, to signature events such as Moody Gardens, Red Cat Jazz Festival, Houston Beerfest, and Jackin 4 Beats.

Creating steadfast momentum and a growing fan base, Jones is ready to release Coupeseason Part 1: Poetry early fall. Supporters will gravitate to songs such as “Too Deep,” “Rugged,” “BET/XXL Cypher 2015” and “Nia Long,” “there’s something for everyone and at the end of the day it’s good music.”

A leader with a proven track record Jones’ Poetry is a testament as to what is to come from a Redephined Generation, “I’m real about my continuous growth and honest about pushing forward.”